table of the knight
Some what cute right? hello,
welcome to the table,pull up a seat.i am Ben,glad to see you,i have built this page for you to get to know me if you want to.i am in salt lake and i leave for the national guard boot camp soon.
i like to climb and wrestle, and any thing out doors.i respect women and ask that they respect themselves.
i'm looking for good girl to keep me in line and not let me get in too much trouble.i like to test my limits every once in a while and i need a girl to remind me i have limits :P
My interests: climbing,camping,having fun,and romantic dates when i have both the time and money :)
p.s. I'M SORRY ELLEN!!!!!!!
I smile too much!!
Ok, i do kick back some times :p
i hope you enjoy my table, good day to may also e-mail me if you would like to talk more

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the city of stars
a very close friend (p.s. guys,she's single)


welcome to paradice

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